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Our Promise

A Better Landscaping Experience...

Our company was founded on one very simple principal...we believe you deserve a better lawn care and landscaping experience. Since our humble beginnings in 2000, we have based everything we do around providing that experience to our customers and we work every day to improve the systems and people around this experience.

When I was a boy, my dad always told me to leave something better than the way I found it. Now...he was meaning that if I borrowed a tool from a neighbor, to make sure it was clean and in better working order before I returned it. Or, if I borrowed a friends vehicle, to fill it up with gas and maybe even wash it before I brought it back. It's a very simple idea, but it's always something that stuck with me and has affected many areas of my life. But why does this have to be a small idea? Why couldn't this apply to a business.... or even an industry? I believe that it can, which is the reason for our Promise...

Our Promise is very simple....We strive to provide an experience that is so great, that you cannot imagine it being better. And if we deliver on that promise, we know that you will trust us enough to refer your friends, family, neighbors or anyone you believe deserves the same great service.


Brent A. Grinnell


Golden Gate Park
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