How to plant Pansies
How to plant Pansies

How to Plant Pansies

Who doesn't like a flower that has a face? Pansies make a great fall and winter show here in Arkansas. They are very hardy and easy to care for once established. 


Pansies Love full sun and soft soil! A bed of pansies should include at least 25 percent of composted material that is mixed with your native soil and they love full sun. Although, they will last a little longer in the spring if planted in partial shade. 


We typically plant our pansies between October and November. Right around the first frost is a good rule of thumb. One flat of six packs will usually cover about 10 square feet with 4-6 inch spacing. If you have waited a little too late to plant your pansies, it is a good idea to go up to 4 packs or larger.


This is going to sound strange, but one more important thing to remember about planting pansies that we have learned over the years is when picking your flats of pansies, don't always go after the flats with the most blooms. More buds are better than more blooms. They don't have the wow factor immediately after planting, but they will do better than a flat full of blooms from the get go. Below are some examples.



fort smith, pansies, how to plant pansies Bad Pansies

This is the type of flat of pansies that I would stay away from. I know, I'm crazy, but these pansies will be tall and gangly towards the end of winter and will not achieve the season long show of their short budding brothers in the picture below. 

pansies, fort smith, how to plant pansies, fort smith pansies Good Pansies

These are the pansies I would go for. They aren't as pretty right now, but the roots will develop much faster not having to support the large blooms. Like I said, these will not put on as good of a show up front, but it will pay dividends in a week or two with much less effort. When the pansies above are long legged and gangly looking come Febuary, these little guys will be at their peak of the season. When this time comes, you can send your thank you letters to 6637 Old Harrison Lane, Fort Smith, AR

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